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Murder Hobo #1 The Set!

Murder Hobo #1 The Set!

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The lands of High Adventure are a place of magic and wonder, but also teeming with danger. A place where brave adventures can make a name for themselves while battling the forces of evil. Only the foolish take to adventuring alone so great teams are formed! The groups consist of Wizards, Bards, and Warriors who band together to meet foul monsters in the deepest dungeons or fight ferocious mythical beasts assaulting a quiet hamlet. Yes, these brave souls are truly to be admired....but every once in a while, they unfortunately recruit a Murder Hobo. 

Murder Hobos kill without thinking. They have a penchant for abandoning their parties in the heat of battle. Yes, these ragtag rogues will ruin the best laid plans. Because at the end of the day, these selfish mercenaries are in it for themselves, and the money. 

But now, the Murder Hobos have a team of their very own. Welcome to Murder Hobo: Adventurers for Hire! Follow the further exploits of the once great Paladin Roddy the Rotten, the Half-Demon Pyromancer Venus, the charming Ice Mage Spectra Liaison, Fish-Man Kleptomaniac Burrgle, the insane Orcish Barbarian Blarn, and their leader the Frothmancer Pimp-Daddy, Lord Froth!

*This set includes connecting covers A-E, with Cover A being exclusive to Quantities on this title are VERY limited! 

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